December 18, 2018
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Kerjamama.com: Mission Possible

Freelancing, remote job. Have you ever heard of it? I know the word but had never came across any site that is advertising them until just recently. I did not even realised that they even existed!


So yeah, here it goes. Call me Mas, I am a housewife to a very loving husband and to two amazing babies, my Hansies and I actually just gave birth to my second one! I am also proud (actually compelled to tell, will tell why later) to share with all of you that I am a graduate housewife. The eldest daughter to my Mak and Abah and a Kaklong to my four other siblings.


Life as a housewife is fun for me but could sometime be very overwhelming. I could easily feel bored doing almost the same routine stuffs daily. I always wanted to have something else to do (read: work). But me and my husband kind of have this mutual agreement about me focusing on the family and raising my children first and he will ultimately (like any normal guy) be the bread winner of the family. We are okay with it at first, actually he is still okay with it until now, but I feel like it is quite a burden for my husband.


Economically, (Alhamdulillah) we are good. We had enough to eat eventhough a lot of times we opted for just a simple and cheap gerai/mamak. We can still afford some good stuffs that we planned a lot earlier to buy. We are able to do some savings for the kids education and for our golden days. But I feel like something is missing.


Deep inside, I know that it is not all about monetary stuffs. Yes, I do feel obliged to contribute financially to my parents at kampung but having to be dependant on my husband doesn’t make me feel quite content yet. I still am looking for something to do, just to share and contribute to the people around and my society.


The ultimate dilemma is I just want to work and move around my butt! I just cannot be stationed at home. One; I just want to help my husband and two; I just want to do something (actually theres number three; I want to be able to buy something that I want with my own money). So I have this idea to find a job, something I could do at home while still having time to breastfeed my child, cook for my husband and complete the housechores. But I was just lost. I did not know where to start or even where to search for that kind of job.


I ended the dilemma by starting my own small business. My home business operated for about a year. I was able to witness it grow but I need to put it on hold once I started to have major morning sickness, pregnant with my second baby. I had it for 9 dreading months, the reason why we need to pause the business operation.


Just recently, I saw an IGstory by a friend that I knew from instagram, whom I also knew way before I got married. Her name is Akmal. She and her partner, Shambie is looking for another person to team-up and create amazing portal for women. Then we meet-up for them to tell me more about Kerjamama.com.


I am frankly puzzled. I was first introduced to the freelancing sites, remote jobs and all the new jargons. It is as if I just came out of a cave or something. Why on earth didn’t I think of googling that before? I could have made some money if I knew about it earlier. Haha. That is the story of me in my cave. Back to the idea.


So basically, from what Akmal and Shambie told me, they want to built a site where women and any housewife like me could search and find a job at. Whether a professional ones or a simple jobs you could do from home. Also, this site is also meant for women start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs that need extra hands to help their company grows. Meaning to say, it is a symbioant site for us, where we women help each other. Completing needs and providing opportunities.



For me, what so special about Kerjamama is about how this could help thousands of clueless housewives/women who is going through the same dilemma like me. It doesn’t take long for me to decide whether to join this team and make what seems impossible, very possible now! So I hope, this very brief introduction about Kerjamama.com does make you understand what it is all about!


Kerjamama: The Flexible Job Portal for Women & Mums.


Love, Mas.

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder of Kerjamama


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