About Us

Kerjamama is the first global flexible job bidding platform for women and mothers. Having worked with plenty of home-based women businesses, Co-founders, Akmal, Azliza and Masturah found some common issues:


 Womenpreneurs, especially those who are home-based face problems scaling up and finding help.

 Graduate mums were opting to stay at home to care for their families despite years of study.

 Stay-at-Home Mums (SAHMs) and Work-at-Home Mums (WAHMs) couldn’t find safe and trusted jobs without leaving their children at home.

 The most popular way for mums and women to earn extra money is through selling products which required some capital or requires a longer time to market


While helping these businesses grow, the team connected with womenpreneurs who were keen to be introduced to ladies working from home. They also garnered positive feedback from women who were more than eager to find jobs to suit their situation.


We aim to provide a platform and opportunity for womenpreneurs and female freelancers to collaborate, at the same time providing a flexible option for mothers to be self-employed.

Kerjamama was created to help mothers and women find jobs using their most prized possession, their talents, and knowledge. With the help of the internet, we aim to redefine the way women work. We’re proud to claim, we’re spearheading the WAHM industry!