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These are our Frequently Asked Questions section for job seekers & freelancers.
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No. You can still bid without a PayPal account.

Money credited into your account can be withdrawn via your personal bank account or PayPal (whichever you prefer)

To stop potential employers from finding you or contacting you, simply uncheck the ‘Available For Hire’ button in your freelancer profile. This will stop your profile from being seen in the ‘Find Freelancers’ page.

No, bidding is FREE! We do not take any fees for bidding on any projects. Bid on as many projects as you wish!

We only take 5% commission from the winning bid. Only the project poster needs to pay the total in full.

Here’s an example:

The proposed project cost RM 120
. .
You bid RM 100
5% commision RM 5
The final bid displayed RM 105

Yes. You can continue to bid and unbid until the project ends or until the job poster ends the bidding.

To post a project, you will need to create a Job Seeker profile. First, create an account by keying in your email and a password here. Wait a few minutes for our email confirmation.

After approving the registration via email, head to MY PROFILE. Click the EDIT button beside your name and your photo.

Complete your self profile details.


Optionally, you can also add in your work experience and qualification to increase your chances of getting hired.

To do this, you’ll need to complete your freelancer profile and start bidding. What is bidding?

Bidding is the process of offering your services and pitching your capabilities. Based on the project description and budget, you can offer a good rate and suggest how long it takes to complete the task. The bidding process is your way of competing with other freelancers to win the job. So be ready to write a good bidding proposal!

Screenshot of bidding process


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